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What Professional Relationship Coaching is All About

By far and large, relationship coaching is an aspect of coaching that covers coaching on both business and personal relationships. One thing that should be clear and shouldn’t be mistaken is the fact that even though relationship coaching has been quite effectively used by many people to resolve issues that they may have had with their relationships, it is not supposed to be taken for a replacement for the need for therapy that is to given by a trained and licensed clinician for cases such as those of mental disorders, emotional and even psychological disorders. Most of us will always be encouraged to seek the services and attention of the relationship coaches when we have some problems with our relationships and as a matter of fact the practice of relationship coaching is actually a positive and results-oriented profession that is geared towards the enabling of the purposeful people to attain their varied personal and business goals in life. Even though relationship coaches are indeed experts in their fields of practice, this does not mean that they will give advice or otherwise any professional opinion, but to facilitate success for their clients.

The given tag, “relationship coaches” has been in use for quite a number of years and it has been applied as reference to a number of professionals such as for the Social Workers, Psycholtherapists, Psychologists, Family and Marriage therapists plus a number of the entrepreneurial para-professionals with a real wide variety of backgrounds. But anyway, we will take a special look at what relationship coaching as an area of specialty has to offer us.

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The first area we will take a look at is that of Couples coaching for the sake of this particular post. It is important to note the fact that couples come in a lot of varied kinds and not all couples are alike. As broad as the couples categories can be, they can be narrowed down to some four main groups and these are: the Dating couples, the Pre-committed couples, the Pre-marital couples and the Committed couples. The Dating couples are basically this kind of couple that have it all going with them in the relationship but majorly seen as a fun and a recreational kind of a relationship. The Dating couples will seek coaching when any or both of them have an intention of stepping up the ladder in their relationship. The next category we will take a look at of the couples is that which is referred to as the Pre-committed couples. These are the kinds of couples who have both decided to stop seeing others and as such have tied to be a restricted couple. One thing that often marks this stage is cohabitation though no long term commitments have always been made at this particular stage of the relationship.

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