My House Was Broken into

I was really frightened when I discovered that my house had been broken into. I had just bought it about four months prior, and I realized after the break in that I should have had all the locks changed. When the police came, they could not find any evidence of forced entry, so the only answer was that someone had a key to one of the doors. I did not think to change the locks because the owners had assured me they had given me all the keys. I looked up 24 hour locksmith near Brisbane because I wanted to find someone who could come out right then and there.

I was just too frightened to stay there on my own, but I did not feel comfortable leaving my house either because I did not want to come back just to find the job finished. As it was, the person who broke in had only stolen my TV and stereo system, but I knew he might come back because I had obviously startled him when I came in. The police do not believe he was done, and they actually said he was probably in the house with me, and had used the back road to leave.

I was able to find a locksmith that was able to come out that same night. The police even offered to stay with me until he arrived. When he got there, he changed all of locks for me, which was only three different ones. He also talked with me about a home security system. He explained that it would be a lot safer for me, plus it would deter criminals if they knew they could potentially be caught on video. He gave me a lot to think about, and I am going to go ahead with all of his suggestions. It is the only way I can feel safer.

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