6 Questions to ask a Dallas SEO expert

Choosing the right SEO expert for your business or website’s particular goals can be a daunting task, however, knowing what to look for can alleviate the headache. The questions you ask an SEO expert and the answers they give can reveal a lot about someone. Often, asking the right questions will expose imposters, who don’t really know anything about the industry. In order to help you better choose an SEO expert to trust with the optimization of your Texas-based website, company or blog, the following are 6 questions to ask a Dallas SEO expert.

1. How Soon Can You Rank My Website?

Any qualified SEO expert will tell you that ranking a site in search engine results pages (SERPs) takes quite a bit of time and maintenance to succeed. Those who offer specific lengths of time are most likely filling you full of lies to take your money. While a ball-park estimate is attainable for certain websites, any SEO professional worth their word will give you a general estimation based on keyword competition and marketing strategy but will make no promises. SEO is sometimes an unpredictable process, depending on what complications arise and a website’s individual necessities.

 2. How Will You Handle Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization plays a vital role in any business site’s optimization strategy. A big portion of customers comes from local markets. If your prospective SEO consultant isn’t submitting to local directories or registering with Google My Business, they probably won’t get your website off the ground in terms of traffic and brand awareness. Make sure the Dallas SEO expert is familiar with NAP (name, address, and phone number) and how important it is that this information is accurate and updated regularly.

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 3. Can You Provide a List of Past Clients?

While banking on a newcomer can sometimes work out, you don’t want to trust your company’s name in the hands of an amateur or worse: a fake. Make sure that whoever you hire to handle your SEO efforts has already worked with clients before in the past. If they can also produce verified reviews or testimonials from those clients, they might just be a trustworthy pick.

4. Will You Let Me Know About All Changes Made to My Site?

Make sure that you are aware of every change regarding your company’s site, even down to the smallest detail. You want your SEO expert to keep a recorded log of all changes made to content, pages, descriptions, links, and so on. Not only will this keep you in the loop, but it will also help point out exactly where things went wrong if something happens and your SEO fails.

5. What is Your Blog Strategy?

Any SEO agency can throw together a simple, generic blog based on nearly any subject or niche. What separates the effective from the useless is the utilization of reputable bloggers and content writers who know all there is to know about a particular topic. SEO experts need to mention something about guest posts too. Every search engine optimizer should know how to establish a successful blog for a business.

6. How Much Time and Energy Will You Devote to Understanding My  Business?

Obviously, everyone involved in a business should make an effort to understand the business, itself. When everyone onboard is on the same page, it makes business practices, like SEO, go much smoother. How can someone promote your company on the internet if they aren’t familiar with the products or services provided to customers? Your SEO prospect should take a considerable amount of time to learn about your business before starting on its search engine optimization.

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